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Conventional approaches to carbon accounting burden organizations with complex processes and data gathering requirements.
To help these organizations, we offer a technologically advanced solution that simplifies their carbon accounting and reporting process.
With our platform, organizations can achieve dependable audit-grade emissions results for reporting, without excessive complexity or resource demands. 

Intelligent results, with less time spent managing data.

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A solution with focus.

The recurring need for emissions reporting is here to stay. Companies without a highly efficient approach to carbon accounting face an ongoing drain to valuable time, finances, and human resources.

Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with a simple user interface to streamline the process for your organization. We have tailored our solution to meet the needs of office-based companies who want reportable results without unnecessary complexity. By easily enabling use of your best quality data records we provide unparalleled granularity, which translates to more intelligent insights for emissions reductions. Because our system deals with your native data records and links them to your emissions results, third party verification is made a more seamless process.

Simplfied Data Collection

Our platform works with your data its native format. You don't need to fill out templates, and don't need to manipulate your data to make it usable. In-app workflows get your data owners set up and on the way to results with ease.

Streamlined 3rd party engagement

Invite third party data owners, such as building managers or landlords of your leased offices, to provide the records required for intelligent, trustworthy emissions results. Your third party data owners will receive unique information requests auto-generated in-app, meaning they'll know exactly what to provide, and you'll save on time spent engaging with them surrounding data and utilities.

Swift 3rd party assurance

Through collaboration with a leading global assurance partner, we've designed audit features to give you confidence pursuing emissions verification. Easily understand inventory data completeness, and improve data quality using a simple interface.

...climate change is a grave and mounting threat to our wellbeing and a healthy planet. Our actions today will shape how people adapt and nature responds to increasing climate risks.
Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC
We simplify the complexity and deliver results.
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Do away with the on-boarding calls and calendar blocks dictated by conventional approaches. Our simple in-app workflows empower you to easily and confidently manage the process in your own time, just as you do with your other business processes.

Invite data contributors

Ensure the right people in your company are seamlessly engaged, and able to contribute. Emizio guides you to begin a cascade of user invitations to the individuals that hold important activity data for your corporate emissions accounts.

Ask landlords and building managers

Invitation cascades allow building managers to interface directly with Emizio as third-party contributors to your emissions accounts. This eliminates data gaps, saves you time, and increases the intelligence of your results.

Discover data

Eliminate the need for emails, calls, and manual back-and-forth with data contributors. Automated on-boarding flows ensure each contributor is only asked for data relevant and accessible to them. They're told exactly what data to provide, and when it's required.

Deal with data

Our intelligent processing system works with your diverse activity data in its native format, saving time and effort for everyone. You don't need to fill out data templates, or manipulate your data records before they can processed by Emizio into emissions data.

Work with results

Use your emissions results in a way that works for you. View and export ready-to-report greenhouse gas inventory results, and derive intelligence from trends, performance metrics, and breakdowns.

Prepare for third party verification

Your original activity data records are linked to your emissions results in-app, streamlining the audit and assurance process. View your audit readiness, easily improve data quality, and provide verifiers with detailed calculation breakdowns.

Meet the Team.

Profile picture of Natasha Thakur

Natasha Thakur


Natasha holds a degree in Politics & Economics from the London School of Economics and has a certification in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Oxford.

She has nearly a decade of experience across a range of roles in asset management and was most recently a Vice President for BMO Asset Management, now part of Columbia Threadneedle.

Profile picture of Alex Smith

Alex Smith


Alex holds a degree in Physics from University College London and has been developing software commercially for 14 years.

He was previously Principal Engineer for Primary Portal where he took the PoC to an institutionally funded product and helped found the engineering function. He has held engineering roles at various FinTechs and at Goldman Sachs.

Profile picture of Alex Whyte

Alex Whyte

Chief Carbon Officer

Alex holds an MSc in Climate Change, Management and Finance from Imperial College Business School and has been operating in sustainability for the last 8 years.

Most recently he was a Manager at Agendi, where he quardupled headcount and delivered complex greenhouse gas accounting projects for multinational and Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors.

Profile picture of Ed Nutting

Ed Nutting

Head of Engineering

Ed holds a degree in Computer Science and Electronics from the University of Bristol and has been developing software in startups and other organisations for 11 years.

Most recently he was co-founder and CEO of Midspace, a social enterprise delivering carbon-reducing virtual academic conferences.

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