Meet Emizio.

Sustainability accounting for modern businesses.

Our Vision.

A world where sustainability intelligence is actionable and accessible to all.

Emizio is contributing to a world in which all businesses can effortlessly understand their planetary impacts. Because when people are empowered with knowledge, their potential to make positive change is unleashed.

Our Mission.

To empower businesses to take control of sustainability impacts.

Emizio helps businesses seamlessly integrate sustainability into the fabric of their operations, using the power of technological innovation. We hope to inspire and enable increasingly sustainable business practices by removing barriers to sustainability intelligence.

Our leadership team.

Meet our people.

Natasha Thakur

Natasha brings business leadership experience from over a decade working in the financial sector. She leads Emizio’s business strategy, using her expertise to foster strong and collaborative customer relationships, and impactful industry partnerships.


Steve Spence

Steve brings over 25 years of software engineering and product development experience. He drives Emizio’s technical innovation and leads product delivery leveraging his background with several of the world’s largest technology companies.

Chief Carbon Officer

Alex Whyte

Alex brings sustainability consulting experience from a diversity of the world’s best known brands. He leads Emizio’s product vision using his balance of strategic and technical expertise spanning the landscape of corporate carbon accounting and climate strategy.

Answers to your questions

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How does Emizio's automated carbon accounting work?

Emizio's platform works in your web browser, so there's no need to download any software, and there's no need for any technical integrations. It provides you with a simple self-serve workflow from start to finish, meaning you don't need to be a sustainability expert to deliver on carbon accounts. It drastically streamlines the data collection process using AI, making it incredibly quick and easy to achieve credible corporate emissions data which you can use for any sustainability initiatives.

Is my data safe on Emizio?

Yes. At Emizio we take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously. We have implemented stringent security practices and are working towards our ISO27001 certification.

Is Emizio's emissions data compliance-ready?

Emizio helps you easily achieve compliance-grade carbon accounts because the platform deals directly and automatically with your best available corporate activity data. This means your emissions results are traceable and as accurate as they can be, and you can use them to fulfill regulatory requirements such as the SECR in the UK, and the CSRD in Europe. Beyond compliance, Emizio helps you easily deliver carbon accounts for third-party assurance, and voluntary reporting initiatives.

What if I am missing data?

Emizio automatically recognizes when activity data is missing, and instantly models the expected activity. This means you always have emissions results, regardless of how much data is missing. Emizio provides scientific uncertainty values so you can easily understand the accuracy of all emissions results - the more data you are missing, the higher the uncertainty value. The more data you submit, the lower the uncertainty value.

How reliable are the emissions results?

Emizio's results are trustworthy for a number of reasons. Unlike conventional solutions, Emizio uses your original corporate data records as inputs into calculations, which means your results are backed up by documentary evidence. By using the rich metadata contained within original activity data records, Emizio is able to more accurately assign emission factors to activities to compute emissions, meaning your results are more precise. Emizio automatically applies supplier-specific emissions data wherever it's available, for example for electricity emissions in the market-based approach, making it easy for you to transcend generic results - such as those based on spend - which don't accurately reflect the reality of your emissions. This means you can be confident that your carbon emissions results from Emizio are highly reliable.

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